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Selling a house in the Netherlands with Hendriks real estate
Selling a house in the Netherlands with Hendriks real estate

Selling a house in the Netherlands


Why Hendriks?

At Hendriks Makelaardij we know how difficult it is to sell your house. How do you put a price on your own property? Maybe you are asking too much, in which case it will be difficult to get a good position on the real estate market. And when you’ll ask too little, you will not get the best deal possible out of it. These are just two of many reasons why we offer you the help you need. Most houses are sold through a broker, because his efforts can save you a lot of time and trouble. And at Hendriks we’ve got the best brokers in the working field!



When you are about to collaborate with one of our brokers who is even based near to the place you live in, it’s nice to get to know each other. The advisory is a perfect moment for the first encounter between you and the broker. A meeting will be arranged at the house you are looking to sell, so we can make an estimation of the selling price and the time that we think will be needed to sell the house at that price. Of course you can tell us your wishes and desires as well, so we can decide what the best approach will be.


Your house in the center of attention

For a house to get the attention in the real estate market that it deserves, there’s more to it than just putting a notice in your garden nowadays. Hendriks Makelaardij is known for its great use of social media. Online places like Facebook and Twitter are just perfect to expand the reach of the property. And it’s not just telling people that a new house is for sale, it’s also important in which manner you tell them. For instance, we offer a 3D-presentation of your house on our website, so people can literally can see every corner of your house. But, of course, we also still organize real life viewings. Altogether we try to use every possible way to get your house in the center of attention.



Negotiating about a house is not something like trying to get a good deal on a new television. We’re talking about big numbers and a big issue. That’s why our brokers are going to do the biggest part of the negotiating for you. They know all the ins and outs and will give you the best advices. When an offer is submitted by a possible buyer, you and the broker will discuss if this is the best deal possible. Of course you will always keep the control in the negotiations; in the end you are the one to decide the price for the property.

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